Saturday, March 13, 2010

Run 5 complete, one print out of run 6

This one's after run 5. Runs 4-5 were both smaller separated areas. Run 4 had some rooftops, and the red S's. A second color to the neighbor's fence, and I think some red on the gas pumps. #5 added a pair of jeans, the A's, the first greys on the pumps and the ice box. One of those two put some more tree's in there. After#5 I decided 6 would be finishing the mulch/sa walls/sa fence.
Color didn't work at all.
Instead of fixing those areas first I decided to start on the trees and then sky color before I can decide how orange to go.

So 14 hours in the studio, one print of one run, which is funny because that was actually my goal. Carving time and planning. Have to work on the colors and transparency but I think the rest will come out all right. Havent been able to find a rhythm in printing, confusing myself with inks. I've been avoiding the people that aren't there yet and more small, close ink areas. Trying to figure out if the base colors will decide small emphasized areas or the other way around. For now, just keep working through and it will figure itself out eventually.
 edit to add - this is the texture I want for the first parking lot color, done by placing a 13 grit sandpaper on a separate block of sheena and running it through the press very hard. The 3 versions are just rolled with with different ink consistencies.


Annie B said...

That texture is great! I don't work reductively except here and there, so I can barely imagine the planning you're doing. Hats off to you!

Daniel L. Dew said...

I love the use of sandpaper, adds a controlled yet uncontrolled aspect to the image. Can't wait to see the final result.

conor said...

I think I finally found a way for blogspot to let me comment on my own blog...
Thank you Annie and Daniel, I finally finished run 6 and am about to start with the sandpaper and can't wait. As far as the planning Annie, I had no idea what I was walking into when I started this so I'm making mistake after mistake but learning from every one, but the plan is just "keep on keepin on" and see how it goes.